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Product name : Universal Testing Machine
Model number : DTU-M series

The new DTU-M series U.T.M

ASTM A 370
ASTM A 1016
ASTM A 193 / 194
ASTM D 790
ASTM D 638
EN ISO 6892

CE authentication (Electromagnetic waves/MD)

It is designed to be suitable for testing various samples such as metal, rubber, and bolts according to the criteria in .


The underside of the product is designed to open in three directions, as shown in the above photograph.

And the motor driver and control parts of the machine are all placed on the shelves on the rails for easy and convenient AS.

Accurate drive system


It is designed for precision and quiet operation with belt-driven system.

The accuracy of the international standard can be implemented and is advantageous for load holding option.

More advanced remote controller


New remote control with jog buttons moves displacement of 0.005 mm (100 kN standard) per click.

It can be conveniently used to position and remove initial loads of fine cross-head after clamping samples.

You can also use this jog button to perform precise load control and maintenance during calibration.

When repeated testing of the same specimen, you can use the Start Test button to conduct a retest immediately without using the program.

New Digital Signal Processing system. 


The new DSP CONTROLLER (DTX-2000) is a second generation model of the existing DTX-1000.

Develops and uses its own board to accurately implement load speed control and extension rate speed control to meet test conditions for ASTM STANDARD.

It also secured data processing speed that did not fall against the international brand.

Computer and controller are integrated into one package to minimize space congestion.

Torque limiter settings minimize the possibility of load cell damage and allow noise control.

You can also remember the absolute location so that you always place the crosshades where you want them to be, even after a reboot.

DTU-M series specification

사양표 영문.jpg

An innovative software - HIVE

Introduce the new program - HIVE - with 30 years of experience.

The library system has been designed to allow new workers to perform tests quickly and safely.

Once each sample has been set up and stored in the library folder, anyone can call it up and conduct a test immediately.

In an environment where multiple workers are handling the tester, incorrect use can cause problems. HIVE can dramatically reduce the time it takes new users to handle the tester.

As long as you save each type of sample in a library folder, you no longer need to repeat the complicated process..


* Save the condition and title to the library system.

 * Library system

 - Test title
 - Determination of tensile/compression/return condition
 - Determine the type of samples
 - Set Speed
 - Set special conditions (Load maintenance and lamp section tuning)
 - Set up graphs and units
 - Set up the movement of the cross-head after the test.
 - Set the file save path

화면 3.jpg

* Test conditions stored in the library system can be recalled and tested immediately, all of which are automatically saved in a folder.

화면 1.png

-Automatic OFFSET yield point search
-Poisson Ratio Measurement
-R Value measurement
-Modulus measurement
-Load holding test
-Multiple speed test
-Cycling test
-Test for Application of High Temperature/Environmental Chamber
-Switch data to Excel

You can easily use the functions required for all tensile and compression tests.

To keep software to a newest version, DT&T will upload our newest version of software in our website.

Down load it freely.

(It won't work unless you have an existing HIVE program installed.)

Please contact us at the link below for more information.